About Us

Our Mission

“Rooted and built up in Him, and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding with thanksgiving.”

Colossians 2:7
St. Joseph Church, Westphalia, MO

The Inspiration

Several years ago, I discerned out of the Salesian convent (I being Erin Boeckmann). At first, I was so confused and disheartened that God was calling me to leave my second family and return to the small town I left. What ministry could I give to the parish that seemed to be thriving?
The answer came a year later. I was sitting at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis. I was the first in the room saving the front row seats for the teens that would later join me. As I turned to the empty rows behind me, I felt the LORD say, 

“This will be the future of the Church unless the youth come to me.”

The following year, I watched a special Mass performed by the Pope for the intention to heal those affected by the Corona Virus. He blessed the empty square where the masses should have been. Again I felt Him say, 

“Where are my people? Find my sheep. Bring the youth to me.”

I began to find others with a similar call. Together we are fulfilling this mission through Rooted Youth Ministries. 
Help us bring the youth to Christ and restore the Church. Consider donating, volunteering, or joining us for one of our upcoming events. You are always welcome to ask questions, send prayer intentions, or offer support through the contact page. Reach out today!

Upcoming Events

Learn more about our upcoming events, service projects, and travel plans! Find other events in the local area for teens and young adults.

Prayer and Resources

Learn about the prayers and sacrileges of the Catholic Church. Find links to readings, podcasts, and great Catholic apps.

Other Retreats

Find additional opportunities in the Diocese. These are wonderful events that will help you grow in your faith and find friends that will last for a lifetime.